Ellipse Block Lotto entries

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Hello all…….I am adding 4 entries to the Block Lotto.  I used the same fabric for all the arcs even though it doesn’t look like it.  It has that many different shades, believe it or not!  I found the pattern instructions easy to follow and I used the templates that Kristen provided….Thanks again, Kristen!

Ida (mysismademe.blogspot.com)


  1. Welcome to the block lotto, Ida. It's always hard to tell in photos. Can you confirm that in real life the main fabric in the bottom block reads as bright and predominately one color?

    If I seem picky its because when someone makes a block that ventures too far outside the guidelines, sometimes it ends up being the one block "that's not like the others" in the winner's quilt. It can attract and distract.

  2. I cut my square 9 x 1/4 by 9 1/4 and the finished block was a 9 inch, not a 9 1/2. I thought that was what was in the original directions. What size are the original squares before you cut them?

  3. Sophie, no I cannot confirm what you are asking about the last block only that I stressed over all the colors and fabrics I was choosing to use and even photographed them and changed the file to black and white to see if I saw enough difference in the two fabrics I chose for each block. Although I am not new to quilting I am new to the block lotto and I did the best job I could but if you don't think the last block is done right you can drop it from my entries.

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