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Posted by on January 5, 2012 in show and tell | 9 comments

Our church has an annual Advent friends program where we get another family as our secret Advent friends and give them a gift each week of Advent and then a final gift at a wrap up party on Epiphany ( this year January 8).  As I was trying to decide what to do for that final gift my scrappy trips lotto winnings were calling to me from the design wall.  Our friends are a mother and her 5 year old daughter, so I thought decided mother daughter quilts would be good.  I sorted blocks and came up with arrangements I liked and then started prepping blocks for sewing together.  I discovered size discrepancies of as much as 1/2 inch and so I decided to just trim all the blocks down to the smallest size and add sashings so I wouldn’t need to try to match seams.  The tops are now done and I will begin quilting tonight.  I still have a few blocks left which will be used in donation quilts.


Edited by Sophie to add cropped photo for gallery/home page.


  1. These are gorgeous…and what a great gift to end the Advent season on.
    Janet S

  2. How kind of you! They look wonderful.

  3. very nice! What a lucky mother/daughter

  4. Wow, what a great idea! I bet they'll be so happy!

  5. They turned out wonderful. I love them.

  6. Wow, you sure moved on these. Both are fantastic and a very sweet gift!

  7. Beautiful……………..

  8. The 2 quilts are beautiful! What lovely gifts – very lucky mom and daughter.

  9. Lovely – thanks for sharing!

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