Life happens … but Sophie’s blocks are on the way

Posted by on April 17, 2012 in housekeeping, sent and received | 8 comments

I finally mailed my scrappy triangles blocks today.  I know that life happens   . . .  but if you have not yet mailed your March blocks, please do so ASAP.

Speaking of life happening, I have accepted an offer to work in a 4 month  project in Santa Fe New Mexico and will be making the 800 mile drive (with the cats and some essentials) this weekend. My relocation shouldn’t effect the sneak peek on Tuesday, but depending on what I find when I get there, it might. Thanks in advance for your understanding. I confess that I haven’t yet tested the pattern and made sample blocks–if you have the time to do so in the next couple days, let me know and I’ll send you the info.

The Santa Fe opportunity happened very quickly and I am leaving Texas with a lot of uncertainty.  I am still waiting for confirmation for the small casita I want to rent as my home away from home while I’m there.  I hope I don’t arrive with no place to stay and scrambling to find a pet-friendly hotel … whatever happens, I will stay in touch via my phone, on which I can do practically everything I need to do for the Block Lotto except send out the sneak peek or prepare for the drawing at the end of the month.   Send me some good vibes and cross your fingers.



  1. Best of luck Sophie!

    • Thanks. On the screen where I approve comments, the question is displays, “Are you sure you want to do this?” For a split second I thought that question was about me, going to Santa Fe instead of confirming that I wanted to approve your comment 😉

  2. Good luck with the new assignment, Sophie. It sounds so interesting!

    • Thanks. I am excited. I love Santa Fe. The project will be interesting and everyone I talked with seemed great and happy to have me join the team.

  3. That sounds exciting news Spohie. Goood luck with this new venture.

  4. Wishing you safe travels, that all works out and you have a grand time! You have spank. I like that. Blessings!

  5. Update: I made the drive yesterday. It was a long day in the car with the cats–Grace was especially vocal and Johnny sometimes joined the protest. I didn’t get here in time to meet the property manager, but I did do a drive by just before my phone died and I had to navigate around and find a hotel without any maps or navigational aids … today, I’ll be dealing with paperwork for the apartment and the job, and settle into “camping” in the place until I go back and bring a truck with furniture, the rest of my kitchen, the rest of my clothes and … some fabric and quilt projects.

  6. How exciting! I admire anyone who picks up and goes for an opportunity no matter how unsettling it may be. Good for you! Best of luck!

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