The April Drawing Will Be Delayed

Posted by on April 30, 2012 in housekeeping | 14 comments

Sorry for the delay. I was feeling couldn’t-get-out-of-bed lousy all through the weekend and was really winded this morning. I thought that I was having “normal” problems adjusting to moving to a higher altitude, but because I was really short of breath and a little dizzy, I decided to go to urgent care at lunchtime … with a plan to take care of the block lotto afterward.

The good news is that my “blood ox” is good. The concern is that after my 13 hour drive, my breathing problems could indicate a pulmonary embolism … and so now I am at the ER. At least the wall in the triage area where I waited ti see a Doctor isn’t boring.


The doctor has ordered a bunch of tests …


So now I am waiting in here … in one of those ridiculous hospital gowns . So far, at the hospital I’ve been seen by 3 nurses, a doctor, a tech, and a Physicians Assistant … one test down and a long list of tests to come …

Sorry for the TMI, I really just want you to know that I will take care of the April drawing as soon as I am home again


  1. My prayers and thoughts are reaching out to you! It’s important you get this checked out. I hope for speedy improvement. Linda

  2. Oh My! I’m hoping that this won’t be anything major. Not breathing well is really horrible to go through. My thoughts are with you, and I hope you’re feeling better soon, and home and more comfortable too! Don’t worry about the drawing – we can all wait till you’re sorted out! At least there was a quilt to see! Good luck.

  3. Take care of yourself, Sophie. We can all manage fine without the drawing. Your health is a much higher priority right now.

  4. Wow, you have been poked and prodded a lot! I hope it is something minor, or caught early so that it becomes minor. We can wait on drawings. =)

  5. Dont worry about the draw Sophie. It is not one of lifes majors if it is a few days late. Your health is more important. Hears hoping its nothing serious. Best Wishes, Maree

  6. Thanks for the prayers and good vibes. I am still here … a nurse, a tech and a doctor using ultrasound to find a vein couldn’t manage to successfully find a vein for the big needle needed to push the dye for the CT scan of my lungs to check for a pulmonary embolism (but not for lack of trying–I already have ugly bruises on both arms) so now I am waiting for the results of the blood tests (they were able to draw blood with a smaller needle from a vein in my wrist which was so painful i am still crying from the pain) … which they claim will tell us if the CT scan is really necessary … even though the scan is the reason the urgent care Doc sent me to the ER and the ER doc ordered it.

    Don’t you just love modern medicine?

  7. I sometimes wonder about modern medicine. It can help make quality of life better, but the road to get there is sometimes just horrible. Here’s praying you are out and about in no time at all with all the mystery solved.

  8. Ohmygosh, Sophie! It’s more important that you should be taking care of yourself. Please be well!

    Is that a quilt on the wall?

  9. Please do not give a 2nd thought to anything but getting better!!
    That is the only priority right now!
    Will send send positive waves your way and lots of prayers!!
    Keep us posted if you can and get better soon!

  10. No worries on the drawing! Getting poked and prodded is no fun! (I have teeny-tiny veins too, usually they have do go in my neck, yuck!) Hope it’s not serious, and is easily fixable.


  11. Take care of yourself first, and think of us later. Hope you are feeling better today. Get well soon. Ana

  12. Here I was thinking it was just internet problems….nooo….you are being poked and prodded. Thoughts and prayers are with you! No big deal on when the drawing happens!

  13. Don’t worry about the drawing. The only thing urgent is that you find out what ails you. Take care, Kathie L in Allentown

  14. Oh MY! You can’t be sick/have problems!!! You have things to do, places to go, people to see…..AND then there is THE BLOCK LOTTO!!! HA!

    Seriously, hoping all is working out and you get some answers and will be back to normal quick!!!

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