9-patch HST quilt finish

Posted by on May 6, 2012 in show and tell | 6 comments

I finished the quilt from March’s blocks! I wanted more of a comforter with this one, so I used poly batting, tied it, flannel backing, and then to top it off I used satin blanket binding from my Grandma’s stash 🙂


  1. Very pretty! Thanks so much for posting a picture. It’s fun knowing that the blocks I made were used for a project and will be enjoyed by someone!

  2. Finished already!! That must be a record. It looks wonderful. I just love scrappy quilts, which is why I like participating in Block Lotto so much. What an old-fashioned look it has with the satin binding. I know it will keep you warm. Kathie L in Allentown

  3. I love your layout! I, too, really like the scrappy feel of this quilt. I want one! And I know what Sophie will say, “make one for yourself!” But somehow it just doesn’t look as cool when all the scraps are from your own stash! Great job!

    • yes, there is definitely an ‘eclectic’ bunch of scraps here! There were only TWO fabrics on here that I had even ever SEEN before! Love the scrappiness, it will be a family favorite I think!!!

      • oh, and I added blocks to make 64 blocks – this ended up (with my 4” border) to be 80×80, a nice sized quilt!

  4. Wow, you speedy girl you. Come to my house and finish up some of mine!!!

    Your HST’s are wonderful. This is sooo lovely!!

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