Growing 3-D Flowers in September

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Karen B's 3-D Flower Block

Karen B’s 3-D Flower Block

In September, we’re making 3-D Flower blocks designed by you with a few rules so our flowers look like they might be found in the same garden (or play nicely in the same quilt).

The fabric guidelines and my directions for making the block are here:

3-D Flower Block Pattern

The blocks are 9 1/2 inches to finish at 9″ square in the winners quilts.

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks to enter for chances in the drawing at the end of September.

Please use the tag 3D Flower for posts about this block.

While all the sneek peeker blocks in this post have one left-leaning stem, one bloom and two leaves, you may create blocks that have:

  • One or more 1/2-inch wide (finished size) stems (with a branch if you want), leaning in any direction, as long as it starts at the bottom edge of the block and contains a curve
  • One or more 3-D blooms (constructed as described in the Block Pattern)
  • One or more 3-D leaves (ditto)


Our 4-Block virtual quilt is made from blocks made by Christa, Dawna, Julie P and Laurina. Thanks, ladies for providing great examples for us.

4 block quilt made by Christa, Dawna, Julie P and Laurina

4 block quilt made by Christa, Dawna, Julie P and Laurina

You can see the full size photos of all the blocks in this post in my Flickr photo set 3-D Flower Blocks.


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