April is for the Birds

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In April, we’re making bright bird blocks with soft blue backgrounds and black (or black and white) beaks and legs.  Nann made this one.

Download the print-friendly directions here:

Bird Block Pattern

For those who received the sneak peek, the block directions have been updated with a correction in the cutting directions (thanks to those who caught them for me), more detail about how to sew the leg section together and, of course, more block photos, thanks to the sneak peekers.

Tags & Categories

This month, use the tag Bird

As usual, please choose the category blocks for posts containing photos of your blocks, sent and received for messages about blocks mailed and received and show and tell for photos of your projects made using this block.

Fabric Guidelines

Each Basic Bird block is made from FOUR fabrics:

SKY–a soft blue fabric.  It may be solid, a tone-on-tone (TOT) print or a multi-color low-volume print that “reads as blue” if you are looking at it from across the room

BODY–may be any BRIGHT fabric, solid, tone-on-tone or multicolor print.

WING–may be any other BRIGHT fabric, solid, tone-on-tone or multicolor print that has good contrast with the BODY fabric.

BLACK (or Black & White) – may be solid BLACK, black on black (BOB) print or black and white print.  Used for both beak and legs.

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks for chances in the drawing.  If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same SKY and BLACK (or BLACK & WHITE) fabric in all your blocks.  You may use the Bright BODY and WING fabrics in multiple blocks, as long as each body + wing combination is unique.

 The Virtual Quilt

These blocks were made by Christa, Gail, Ginny, Helen, Kathleen, Maree, Marybeth, Nan and me.

GinnyBird1 CHristaBird3 KathleenBird2 KathleenBird3
SophieBird5 SophieBird3 MareeBird1 GailBird2
KathleenBird5 MareeBird2 SophieBird7 SophieBird4
KathleenBird4 GailBird1 ChristaBird1 MaryBethBird1
KathleenBird1 SophieBird6 SophieBird2 HelenBird1
ChristaBird2 MaryBethBird2 SophieBird1 KathleenBird2

You can find full-size photos of all the virtual blocks in my Flickr photo set Bird Blocks for April 2013 Block Lotto.



  1. Your birds are adorable! I hope you won’t mind if my guild makes them for our next charity quilt!

    • I don’t mind and would love to see a photo of the quilt your guild makes.

  2. I LOVE these birdies. Good choice as they are all twitterpated around my house!!

  3. I especially like the one with the bent leg, as if he’s taking a step.

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