Weekend Update – May 24-27

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Although it’s officially a month away in the northern hemisphere, in some part of the US, Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of Summer.  Around here, it’s only just begun to feel like Spring outside.

I grew up in Michigan being told that nothing gets planted outside until after Memorial day … and then heard the same thing in Santa Fe last year.  I won’t be planting much–drought conditions here (and a broken gray water system) make that un wise–but I do plan to grow a few flowers and a few herbs and I’m anticipating a push-pull this weekend between the urge to garden and the desire to work on a couple quilt projects … and if all goes well, I plan to drive to Albuquerque for Fiber Fiesta.

There is no designated topic for this Weekend Update.  Please use the Linky Tool below to add a link–quilt-related or not–to a recent article on your blog … and have a great weekend! Now that I’ve made my blocks for June and put together the directions and guidelines, whatever I end up doing, I won’t be thinking about getting things done for the Block Lotto 😉

1 Comment

  1. LOL – living here in Southern California – they tell us to start planting in November. The country is a wonderful and varied place.

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