Weekend Update – Share the Best (or Worst)

Posted by on July 11, 2013 in Linky Party | 3 comments

This month, the topic is Best/Worst or  Good News/Bad News.  Feel free to interpret this as you like.   Some possibilities:

  • a bad new/good news quilting experience of a quilt-gone wrong which, when finished, was even better than you planned?
  • the thing you like BEST about quilting
  • the worst thing about quilting for you
  • the best/worst events of the week for you

Add your link below.  The linky tool will be open to add links through Monday.


  1. Life is a process as is quilting. Thanks for letting me let off a little pressure with this post.

    • The links really don’t have to be about quilting angst (like Angie’s and mine) … it could be about something you absolutely LOVE. If I had a pile of quilts with bindings to sew down, for example, I’d be blogging about how much I love that task 🙂

  2. Normally, I would link, but this topic hit too close to home, and I didn’t blog about it this time. =)

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