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I noticed this quilt on the blog, Fist Full of Fabric, and thought the combination of greens, pinks and purples was interesting.  Look closely and you’ll see a range of light to medium greens, medium and dark pinks and dark purples.   I think it has potential for a future lotto block … what do you think?

When we talk about color palettes, sometimes a photo really is worth more than a simple text description.

Last month, as part of the fabric giveaway, I asked for suggestions for color combinations for future lotto blocks and you answered.

Only a couple of you offered a link or posted about your color ideas. Because color names can be (and regularly ARE) interpreted by each of us, I thought it would be interesting to talk about color with examples.

This month, let’s  blog about color.  Topics to consider:

  • Colors you love
  • Colors you hate and cannot make yourself use (Pink used to be in that category for me)
  • Favorite color combinations
  • New-to-you color combinations you’d like to try
  • Types of combinations you prefer or would like to try (i.e., compliments, split compliments, analogous, etc.)
  • Changes you’ve seen in your color preferences over time
  • How you pull together a color palette (for a quilt, for decorating, for what you wear …)
  • Colors you’d like to see used for a future Block Lotto

This might be a good month to play with a color palette generator.  Julie commented on a sunrise photo on my blog, suggesting it as a color idea and I wondered what would happen if I ran it through a color palette generator.




Use this link to read a review of Five Amazing Color Palette Generators.  I used Color Hunter on my sunrise photo.  I wish it had included the yellow I see in the photo, but it’s still interesting, I think. 

If you’d like some color combinations to consider, or a jumping off point, here are your suggestions to me in the comments last week. Do you think everyone who suggested “blue and yellow” were seeing the same thing in their mind’s eye.


Anything with black batik and cream/tan prints batiks
black and gold black and white + any color black white and bright
black white red blue and cream blue and gold
blue and gold blue and orange blue and white
blue and white blue and white blue and yellow
blue and yellow blue and yellow Blue and yellow
blue, purple, red and yellow brights with black brights with gray
brights with white Christmas combos Cool colors from September
dark purple, lime green, a little pink eggplant purple Gray and orange
gray orange purple green – lime and raspberry green – lime, turquoise, orange and sky blue with black
green brown red Green Orange green Purple
green purple green red green with white or cream
green-lime with purple jewel tones on black jewel tones on black
monochromatic monochromatic (blue as an example) monochromatic (liked the previous suggestion)
natural neutrals like browns novelty fabrics orange pink gray cream (from Feb 2012)
Pink and orange Pink and Brown pink and green
pink and yellow Pinky red, light lime green and a medium blue rainbow colors on white
red and brown red and white red and white
Red Tan Blue Teal and Black turquoise and hot pink
Turquoise and Purple yellow orange maroon white and black yellow pink and white


These suggestions definitely will have an impact on future lotto blocks, I already have some ideas, but because I know what I “see” when I read them may not be what you intended, I’d love to see what you see and collect images that can be used as color inspiration in future months.

Remember, you don’t have to have your own blog to join the party.  You can create a blog post here (use the category block lotto community) and link it or link to your image on Flickr or another photo sharing site. If you link to a photo, be sure to include a description to make your suggestion perfectly clear.


  1. Honestly, there is almost no color I won’t use, but I really don’t like the “rustic”/country quilt look or Civil War colors as I find them dull and uninspiring.

    I LOVE the idea of a monochromatic block.

  2. I think color is so personal, and it’s interesting to see how each of us feel about colors. As an example, I read Kim’s comment and was so surprised, because I LOVE the Civil War colors! They have inspired me to make dozens of quilts, fill me with peace, and provide comfort to me. So, yes, we better send pictures. LOL


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