Fun in the Sun Placemats

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Sunrsie Placemats 2 w

The Sunrise block was a challenge BUT was so much fun when I started different color combinations for my sampler.  However, when I began to lay out the new bold colors with the other MMQAL blocks, I found some were TOO colorful for the sampler. So, I changed my mind, AGAIN.  Some of the  colorful blocks are now placemats.

A fun free motion quilting playground

By the way,  when I pieced the border, the last and first ray were inconsistent in size. Besides an inaccurate 1/4 inch seam, what could have happened in the foundation paper piecing to give me so many variations in the size of the rays?

A fun free motion quilting playground


A fun free motion quilting playground



  1. It looks like you really have fun quilting these. They’re great!

  2. These are Gorgeous! Wow now I know what to do with my dud!…I was going to strip if for my scrap quilt but you know what this will work!

    • Hi Charlene, Duds and orphan blocks are great for small projects like placemats, mugrugs and table toppers. And they are good for practicing quilting designs. I look forward to seeing what you create with the extra block. Thanks, Dena

  3. What a great idea. They look wonderful!

  4. Your quilting is amazing! Do you do that all on a regular machine? Long arm? Stitch regulator? I’ve really got some practicing to do!

    • Hi Andrew, Thank you! Yes, I use a Janome 7700 for most free motion quilting. I also use a Janome 6500 sometimes. No, these Janomes do not have a stitch regulator. And yes, it is a lot of practice. 🙂

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