Mini-Lotto Blocks Make Great Pincushions

Posted by on June 14, 2014 in show and tell | 3 comments

Red Hen PincushionRemember those small 5 1/4 inch Star Chain blocks I posted last week? Here’s what became of them.

I’ve always thought that mini-lotto blocks would make cute pincushions, though I was thinking of something flatter, with just a matching back sewn onto a block.  But I’ve always loved these chicken pincushions whenever they’ve crossed my path and I saw a bunch for sale in a booth at a local sewing/quilting/crafting show a couple weeks ago and decided to combine both ideas.

I used this tutorial as a guide–my blocks were larger than the 4 inch squares, so I rounded up the measurements of the rest of the parts to make a proportional chick.

Chicken Pincushion Tutorial

This pair have flown the coop to live with friends to help them with their stitching … but I see more in my future.

Two Mini-Star Chain Pincushions


  1. Oh, how cute!

  2. These must have been fun to make. Nice.

  3. Love your little basket! Are you a fellow basketweaver? That’s my 2nd most favorite crafty for a few years now!

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