Star Chain Make-up Blocks

Posted by on June 6, 2014 in block lotto community | 3 comments

Thank you, Julie P, Cathy and Charlene, for helping me make those make-up Star Chain blocks.

Star Chain- Make-up Block and Minis


(The background of the large block really is lime green and not nearly as yellow as it looks on my screen and probably yours.)

While I was working on them today, I couldn’t resist making a few little star-chain blocks.  The little blocks on the right are 5 1/4 inches (finished size).  The center star is made from 3/4-inch units … I questioned my own sanity a little bit when I was making 3/4 inch quarter-square-triangles … and when I twisted a couple of those, I couldn’t make myself rip them out to correct them …


  1. Ladies, Thank you!

  2. I thought I was supposed to send one to Dena???? Is that still true?

  3. You’re welcome, Sophie the wee blocks are quite sweet ! You are not going to put them in our! MOD mod design are you I,m pretty sure they would b beyond me

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