More little windows

Posted by on October 18, 2014 in sent and received | 2 comments

I’m happy to report that my Little Window blocks have finally made the long journey from Mariella’s home in Mexico to mine in Cape Br-eton Nova Scotia.  I love the fussy cuts you used and the extra fabric piece is perfect for a top I’m working on at the moment. Thanks again. My international collection is almost complete.

The only blocks that haven’t arrived yet are from Karen in South Africa, and that certainly is a long distance away. This gives me still a reason to eagerly check the mail, expecting something besides bills.

Thanks, Mariella, they are lovely blocks.


  1. Hi Gwen

    I am so sorry that you haven’t got my blocks yet. There were stories of postal strike here, and because we have been getting post at home didn’t think anything of it. Since mailing the envelope have found out that mail like this may be delayed. The strike is affecting other parts of our country (the more militant areas than our laid-back bit) and International mail. We had a similar situation a year or two ago but the envelopes did eventually reach their destinations.

    Regards, Karen

  2. Thanks for the update. FYI, I updated your post to move it to the category sent and received.

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