There’s something about the October Blocks

Posted by on October 12, 2014 in block lotto community | 3 comments

As I was making this month’s blocks and putting together the directions, I started thinking about using it for the rainbow scraps challenge next year, in a color way similar to the one we’re using, except the gold/orange would be replaced by the color of the month and combined with neutrals.  I might make my blocks a little smaller, 5 by 10 inches each, so I could use up smaller scraps.

Then I thought about LAST year’s October block and how I am using it for this year’s rainbow scraps challenge.  This time, I made them bigger, 10 by 15 inches each. I made the last two month’s blocks (orange and brown) last night.  My plan is to make one block for each of the colors in the Rainbow Scraps Challenge and to add 4 more for a total of sixteen big blocks.

Sophie's scrappy rainbow oak leaf blocks

Sophie’s scrappy rainbow oak leaf blocks

Maybe it’s just a matter of timing and around this time of year, I’m thinking and planning for new projects in the new year or maybe there’s just something special about the October blocks?


  1. Love the leaves!! I have to say that I think there is just something special about you and your creative thinking!! So glad you use it for us. thank you.

    • This must be my weekend for sweet compliments. Thank you.

  2. Sophie your oak leaves are Glorious!!! WOW!!! Just so you know, I second Peggys’ comment!
    I was mentioning the woven bars in conversation to Elizabeth and said I thought the leaves or Julies’ shadow cats would look great appliqued here and there on the woven bars…still do….
    ps. I was working on finishing up my Woven bars today and I think they are one of my new favorite Blocks. I like the structural graphics of them …clean and neat lines, yet, with the warm colours they seem cheerful and relaxed..

    Have a great week Sophie!

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