And the Winner Is … (a lurker?)

Posted by on November 24, 2014 in block lotto community, giveaway | 2 comments

It might just be a side-effect of my long frustrating day, but I don’t recognize the name of the winner of our giveaway and I’m assuming she’s a Block Lotto lurker:

I not big on birthday celebrations, my husband took me out to a very nice dinner and surprised me that both of our sons & their girlfriends showed up. I hope you have a great birthday & enjoy whatever you want to do on the special day. Thank you to the anonymous donor for putting a prize package together.

Congratulations, Marty and thank you all for sharing your birthday traditions and celebration ideas with me.

Blotto GiveawayI have emailed Marty and as soon as I’ve heard from her, I’ll be forwarding her information to our lovely anonymous give-away giver, so she can send this great prize onto her.


I have heard from Marty and her quilty booty will be on her way to her soon.


  1. Congratulations Marty, You have yourself a great gift there and happy wishes for you to have a lot of fun sewing ! Donor of such a generous gift Thank you for spicing up the month! (I just love a contest!)

  2. Congratulations Marty!

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