A Big Virtual Quilt and a Big Number of Blocks

Posted by on December 2, 2014 in block lotto community | 1 comment

I have spent the afternoon sitting in one end of my COLD studio, huddled next to the electric heater, while plumbers work at replacing the heating system in the other end of the space (with the garage door at that end of the studio space OPEN!)

While I waited, I spent part of the day working on the virtual quilt. I’ve updated the December 1 post with the block photos from the sneak peekers and some of the blocks posted in the last couple day. The virtual quilt (also below) contains blocks made by Debbie, Helen, Jen, Kathy, Nan, Peggy, Rho, Wilma and me.

Karen posted her blocks after I was well into the process so I didn’t include them (sorry), but, on a different note, her blocks pushed us past the TWO THOUSAND block total for the year.  We now have made a total of 2001 lotto blocks this year so far … or about 40 quilts-worth. It is a little mind-boggling, isn’t it?


Debbie-O-1 Jen-O-1 Jen-O-4 Jen-O-5 Jen-O-8 Debbie-O-2
Debbie-O-3 Helen-O-1 Jen-O-3 Debbie-O-4 Jen-O-7 Jen-O-6
Jen-O-12 Jen-O-9 KathyS-O-9 KathyS-O-4 KathyS-O-3 KathyS-O-10
Jen-O-11 Jen-O-10 KathyS-O-7 KathyS-O-8 KathyS-O-11jpg KathyS-O-6
KathyS-O-1 KathyS-O-2jpg Nan-O-1 Rho-O-1 Nan-O-3 Wilma-O-2
KathyS-O-5 Jen-O-2 Peggy-O-1 Nan-O-6 Nan-O-5 Nan-O-8
Sophie-O-6 Sophie-O-1 Nan-O-9 Sophie-O-4 Wilma-O-1 Wilma-O-6
Sophie-O-3 Wilma-O-4 Wilma-O-7 Wilma-O-8 Wilma-O-3 Sophie-O-2

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  1. That is totally awesome Sophie! 2001 Blocks…imagine that! Sorry to hear your still in the cold though…hoping things change soon for you Sophie and your heating is safely restored.

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