A word about the Star Blocks that I’m mailing to Julie and Kathie

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in sent and received | 2 comments

Listen girls, my Mexican mail is SO VERY SLOW and I have people coming down from Florida to visit me on Friday the 15th of this month. Your envelopes are all charged and ready to go BuT I’m gonna be sending them back up to Florida with my pals to mail from Florida. I promise even though the envelopes will be sent out to you after the 23rd of May you WILL be receiving faster than if I’d sent them from here in Mexico. So as always, ya’ll have to be patient with my envelopes but they will arrive!!! Thanks to you all that have to wait for my mail to arrive! I love participating in this Block Lotto and I just hope you can put up with me and my late arriving envelopes. Mariella

Oh ps. I always send the envelopes by registered mail so if one of them does go awry please let me know and I can track it down.


  1. I’m always grateful for the arrival of my winning blocks, and a small wait is never a problem. I’m glad you’ve found another route to get your mail to the US. Thanks so much, Kathie

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