Six from Sophie

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Sophie-6BlocksSo here’s what happened.  First I made one block–the one in the directions.  Then I started wondering if I really could make a block with each of the colors (besides white) in each of the positions based on value.  So I pulled the fabrics I showed in the previous post in what I would be light, medium and dark in each of purple, gray and yellow/gold. After I looked at the photo in black and white, I realized that I could probably only make a block with a “dark” yellow/gold if I used white as the light and one of the “lights” as the medium, like in the top block.

I made a few combinations and before I knew it, I had five blocks … then I noticed I has used yellow/gold in all my blocks and so I had to make one more that was white/purple/gray–the the bottom block in this stack.

During the sneak peek, Karen suggested that by shifting the orientation of the blocks, you could arrange them in such a way that the light paths continued across the blocks … so I had to try that, too 😉

I’m donating the chances for these blocks, even though I admit, I personally love these colors together and would be happy to make a quilt from them.

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