Fabric name by chance?

Posted by on June 16, 2015 in block lotto community | 3 comments

Peggy and Sue,

I believe these two fabrics were yalls and I would love to see if you have the name of the fabric. I would love to purchase more of this fabric to use within my quilt.

The first fabric is a grey with a yellow circle and the second fabric is a yellow backgroimageund with purple short lines creating boxes.

I am hoping these are current fabrics and not ones that have been in your stash long!


  1. The yellow with the short purple lines came from me, Barbara Post, in Grand Haven. I bought that a long time ago. on the selvedge it says ” Mumms The Word” and it is by Debbie Mumm for SSI. Good luck!

  2. I think the grey I bought recently from a local store. I will check to see if they have it so I can get the name.

  3. I got the fabric at Sew Blessed Quilting in Hahira GA (229) 794-1100. It is by Marcus and is part of the Modern Method line. good luck Can’t wait to see what you do11

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