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Hello Guy and Dolls…I just wanted to show you the top so far! My blocks are done and sewn together. As you can see, I took Elizabeth Cl.’s advice and went with the off white background…that is to give it some visual warmth in our long ,cold winters…Thank You Elizabeth! It worked and I am Happy with the result. Sophie I love your designs I found everything clear and workable for a new sewer except for the Sunrise…I had to repeat setting the Sunrise into the background quite a few times before I was Happy with the outcome…the circle tutorial from Marie was invaluable without it and the freezer paper I would have been sunk so a huge Thank You Marie! (Sophie I know you did warn us about it perhaps being a bit of a challenge for some sewers and you were right …for me it was…and I have to say I am glad I kept with it…It looks really good so far don’t you think?

Duds and Orphans 017


  1. Wow, great quilt. I love those sun bursts; I may have to try my hand at those. Thanks for sharing, it’s beautiful.

    • Thanks Barbara, I had a lot of challenges …the suns where a big accomplishment for me. Marie’s Tutorial really made them happen!

  2. It looks wonderful! Great vivid colors.

    • Thank You Nann, I was going for a real scrappy Mod Mod and I believe it has happened! (No one is more surprised then me! LOL) Wishing you a great week Nann!

  3. Just wonderful Charlene.

    • Hi Kathie, Thank You, I feel pretty good about it all! Now I need to learn how to quilt it…I bought batting and a walking foot but my first attempts on a smaller project were …well lets just say”lacking in skill set” I think I am having problems with the space I am working with and my machine bouncing around. Have a brilliant week Kathy!

  4. Sophie did a great job designing this and you created it beautifully. I love it with the white background.

    • YES SHE DID! I am amazed by Sophie’s Vision! Thank you Angie, I found this to be an exciting project and I am stunned to look at all the quilts and see how we all interpreted and expressed our choices…they are so different looking aren’t they? Happy sewing Angie!

  5. I love it Charlene. You have done a fabulous job with your colours.

    • Thank You Maree, I had a lot of wonderful, contemplative moments sorting and picking out my colour combos and placements. Scrappy yet organized is not as easy as I thought it would be…I found out pretty quickly that my first ‘ go to’ picks were often not the best picks overall…it was more then just the colour too , it was the depth of the colour /contrasts that really brought out the pattern in the individual blocks, but, at the same time being careful not to steal the spot light from its neighbours . This was a huge learning experience all round for me! Maree I wish you a wonderful week!

  6. WOW Fabulous it has a 3D-ness to it that captures the eye and holds it there. Very Lovely! I’m sorry now that I didn’t Quilt Along on this project. Oh, And the white background really pops the blocks!!

    • Hey Mariella I Know Right! I could not believe it when I put the bigger units together and hung it on my daughters clothsline…It was the first time I could see it in its entirety and that is exactly what I saw…3D-ness! I wondered if it was just me since no one else mentioned that quality. ( I can also see stars when others don’t until I point them out , in other quilts so maybe my eyes or brain function a little differently LOL) Elizabeth Clark suggested the Off white …I’m glad I went with it…it does POP the colour! A great thing about Sophies’ Block Lotto site is that the patterns are posted so, you can always go back when time permits and try out past blocks! Colourful, happy sewing to you Mariella!

  7. Fantastic! I admire your persistence, enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. No one could ever guess you were a “new sewer”! Excellent job!

    • Hi Cathy, Thank You! Now if you had to have been in the room with me when I was setting those suns you might not have been too admiring!…This quilting sort of took me by surprise Cathy…I was grounded and recuperating when I took it up …I was sooo bored back then just sitting, healing and after a week of TV, calls and visitors all asking the same stuff I really felt like I was going Insane! A friend gave me a hexagon pattern, pencil and assorted scraps, a pair of scissors (that actually cut fabric) thread and needle …she said “Make a friendship quilt….” so, everyone that came to visit had to pick out the fabric they liked best and we would trace and cut out the hexies while we visited then I’d sew them together when they left. It was soo much fun, time passed quickly and I was asking people to come visit me so they could pick out their fabric for my friendship quilt!…Sadly, I didn’t know the right way to sew the Hexies and though I have a pile of shapes, I haven’t figured out how to join them up…Well anyway it got me started and Boy am I glad it did! Then, as I got well enough to get up and walk again I discovered the sewing machine and the Block Lotto … Now the past…BQ…is just History!LOL Have a great week Cathy!

  8. I love every little thing about your quilt. I hope you not only learned lots and improved your skills along the way, but look at it now and think it was worth the effort.

    • Oh my goodness Sophie! That means a lot to me! Thank You!! I know every seam isn’t a hundred percent true but, I did my best. I still wished I had of put some background in the bars like your pattern block directed …the bars would have been a little more defined and unique looking if I had done that…live and learn eah? Sophie I didn’t actually improve my skills I LEARNED them…You are a great teacher Sophie, take a Bow and give yourself a pat on the back if you think I did well! This project has taught me so much about colour and how it can work, how to work with fabric on a larger scale…tougher then you might think isn’t it? Sewing and machine work, cutting and the importance of 1/4 inch! Worth the effort…it most certainly is …Sophie it has been a privilege and I am grateful for it! Thank You Sophie and have a wonderful week!

  9. Just gorgeous, Charlene! I love the scrappy goodness. The sun blocks really shine (and pop!) Happy finishing.

    • Well Kathy, Please take a bow too…remember the bag of scrappy fabrics you sent me? You really got the engine fired up! When I stated playing around with them and felt the fun and challenge and the incredible sense of happiness I got when they played nicely with each other I was hooked…God Willing, there will be a lot of scrappy quilts in my future…they are just too much darn fun to resist! I just keep wanting to look at them over again and I often find new stuff I missed the first times…they are wonderful imagination inspire-rs! Kathy Thank You for your part in my Sun shining brighter…Please have a fantastic week!

  10. Wow! Awesome. Beautiful. 🙂

    • Hi Dena, Now look who,s talking! Dena, I positively drool when I look at the amazing machine work you do! Your Pillows have been shown to about ALL my friends…I would just love to know how you do it? The process…you have so much skill, I can only imagine the hours it took to become that proficient…But, Thank You Dena for your kind comments…it feels great and I know I did my best work to date on the Mod Mod Quilt…that is sooo satisfying to be able to say…it gives me confidence and purpose! Happy Sewing and lots of smiles Dena!

  11. Great quilt Charlene! I was admiring the 3D effect too, as well as the vibrant colour popping right off the background. I’m so glad you stuck with it and finished the top. It’s such a great feeling to accomplish something especially when you think at first that you cannot. You go, girl!! I’m wishing now I’d made the blocks along with everyone else too. This is now another project for my to-do list.

    • Thank you Maria, I am really happy now that I did persist and you are absolutely right …it does feel like an accomplishment! Maria you are sooo right about the not thinking I’d get it finished …when it got really frustrating I’d switch to another project for a bit or try and find something on line to help me resolve the issues…there is a lot of ways to do the same thing isn’t there? The Suns for me were the most difficult block and guess what? Now I am saving yellow /golds and yellowish tans/rich browns because I want to make more of this type of block …it’s in my head…no pattern but, I see it…something like a Dresden Plate crossed with an Attic Window quilt but instead of plates, yellow flowers /stars in the Windows, pretty far out right?…LOL,Today though, I am playing with my Duds&Orphans blocks I won last year…I am on the home stretch with it so maybe next week you’ll see a picture on Block Lotto. Well Maria, you take care and be sure to have a bit of a giggle this week! .

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