It’s a top!

Posted by on July 14, 2015 in show and tell | 9 comments

Stars and beadsI was feeling very guilty about not using up my block lotto winnings in a timely fashion so I got out my two wins from last year, added some plain yellow/orange fabric squares from my stash, and presto: a wonderful top! I love combining wins from two unrelated months and trying to make something interesting of them. I actually love this. Doesn’t it remind you of an old-fashioned table cloth?

I am thinking about adding a border to make it a little larger, but I have to think over what color or pattern would be best. Suggestions welcome!


  1. That is a terrific quilt, Ginny. I don’t know what size it is now and I like it a lot right now — without a border. But if you need it bigger then you might consider making a border of the same gold fabric you used in the plain blocks. It is a great use of those two very different Lotto Blocks!

  2. I love it! Just a brilliant setting idea! I think just a white border with maybe some of the starbursts in each corner?

  3. Wasn’t it you who made another great quilt from two unlikely lotto blocks a couple years ago? I love how your mind works–this is fantastic.

  4. Love the bright colors and the gold to calm it all down and yet let the blocks shine! Great job and very creative. Gold borders sound like a good suggestion.

  5. Such an interesting idea for combining the two months. So glad you won both!!

  6. Ps. My suggestion for borders would be a narrower gold one and a wider one in one of the “darks” from the Monochromatic spokes blocks (I would probably go with purple.)

  7. You’re right! It’s a wonderful top – genius. IMHO a border would only contain it and reduce it’s sparkle value. I suggest no border.

  8. Wow, I love it!

  9. WOW! Stunning, I love what you have done! I totally get what you mean by the retro/old tablecloths …and also those gold spoked clocks come to my mind. What really intrigues me here is the fact that though I can relate to that …this quilt, your interpretation and placement of these blocks created a very fresh, Modern quilt. I wonder about a 1 1/2″ black tone on tone (to continue bead centers and Modern look) around outer edge then pop it with maroon TOT?

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