Rules are Rules

Posted by on September 26, 2015 in Help, housekeeping | 2 comments

Rules are rules, but when I reject 10 blocks for not following the color rules for this month’s block … it feels like I must be failing somehow to communicate them to all of you.

I always feel bad when I have to reject blocks for not following the color/fabric guidelines, especially because in my own scrappy quilts, you are likely to find those kind of rule-breaking blocks.  But then I start feeling all kinds of ambivalent because it feels unfair to the quilters whom have read and followed the directions to allow the rule-breaking blocks.

Ultimately I come back to the REASON for having color/fabric guidelines: to make it easier for the winners to put all our very different blocks together into a quilt.

Would it help if I repeated the color/fabric rules in a more specific way on the at-a-glance page?  In the block announcement on the first of the month?  In their own post?


  1. Sophie, I think the descriptions and rules are just fine. Maybe if you bold type the color requirements, it might be easier to spot them in the description, and they might make more of an impact when being read. Just a suggestion.

  2. I have no problem. I do find myself going back and re-reading the directions several times to make sure I get it right. Maybe if you put a picture of a correct block and the fabric requirements right there at the beginning of the description that would help.

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