Arrow quilt

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I wasn’t able to participate in February’s Lotto, but I found the pattern was perfect for use.  Last year, my husband carved a wooden arrow with hearts on the shaft for me for Valentine’s Day – out of one piece of wood.  This year, I used the arrow block pattern to return the favor.  I made him an arrow quilt with 3D hearts on the shaft.  I’ve added pictures of them both.  The arrow quilt is music fabric for it to hang in the music room/library.  The red fabric is flannel.  So, we have “soft music in the air.”  (Getting a picture that showed the 3D of each was a little troublesome with the light available.  You can get the gist, though.)

Thank you, Sophie, for providing an absolutely appropriate pattern at just the right time!

(I have been thinking of posting this since February – sorry for the delay.)

Corinne in Forks, WA

arrow valentine

3D quilted arrow “soft music in the air”

carved wooden arrow with hearts

carved wooden arrow with hearts




  1. This is so sweet. Both are beautiful!

  2. I am fascinated by carving like that. Kudos to your husband and you. Both projects are lovely.

  3. What a great adaptation of the block, Corinne!

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