Week 2 of 12 + 12 = 1

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Remember my plan?

  12 rows
  12 weeks
  1 Sampler Quilt


This is my week 2/Row 2 check-in.

Did you notice last week in my coloring page sketch of the quilt that I didn’t resolve the gaps created by the fact that I decided on a 63 inch width and that those long 18-inch wide blocks didn’t fit in a nice multiple?  For my second row, I chose to make the Many Triangles strips and share how I dealt with it … and also how I was able to simplify the block because I knew how it would be used in the row.


Adapting Blocks

For a 63-inch row, you would need 3 1/2 blocks that are 18-inches wide. Depending on the block pattern, a half-block may (or may not make sense).  In this case, it is pretty easy to think about making half the Many Triangles, with two large triangles cut from one fabric and 1 large triangle plus two small triangles from the other.

CutTrianglesBecause I knew these blocks were going to be sewn end to end, it made sense to me to eliminate all the small triangles except those on each end of the row. For a 63-inch row, you need 14 large triangles of one fabric and 13 of the background/second fabric along with the two small triangles on the ends.

I used the Tri-Recs tools to cut my triangles (starting with 5-inch strips for a 4 1/2-inch finished height). I used the same method for lining things up when I sewed this long strip together that I described in this post.


Fabric Notes

You may have noticed that the print color on the tamale sacks is different.  For my quilt, in each row, I plan to use one flavor/color of tamale sacks as background. These are the black bean variety, printed with black. The print is slightly smaller because this is the smaller (6 tamale) size.

Because I had 13 different Handcrafted fabrics, I thought it would be fun to use them all in this row (with one repeated).  Here’s how it came out (next to the Tulip row).




I haven’t decided yet if those matching SIX triangles near the center bug me enough to change them … I am reserving judgement for a while.  In the meantime …


Thought for the Week

CelebrateMilestonesIf I was working on a technology project, it would be broken into milestones with deadlines. We don’t always think of breaking up something we do for fun into measurable chunks and celebrating as we pass each milestone.  Why not?  I tend to avoid scheduling and setting goals for quilt making–because it IS fun and not work–but why not celebrate the milestones whenever they happen?

I decided to celebrate my second row finish late Friday night with a glass of wine and the luxury of time spent to appreciate my effort … even those two darn “gourmet SIX” twin triangles that managed to appear in this candid photo.



  1. Hi Sophie I am just checking in. My Six cents says stay with the double sixes…They rather define the 12 rows 12 weeks and I think add some fun and balance for the end blocks. Keep having fun with this one!

  2. This is coming out wonderfully! My opinion is to leave that row the way it is – random, and by extension scrappy, includes the possibility of pairs and groups within the larger scheme. They don’t look planned, and will disappear within the quilt top.
    My free advice (and worth every penny) – leave them.
    When all is said and done – it’s your quilt to decide about. All the quilts you have shown us have been marvelous!
    Thanks for the share!

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