Week 4 – Row 4 of Sophie’s Sampler

Posted by on October 26, 2015 in block lotto community | 3 comments

Here is my sampler row quilt so far – 4 rows completed:


I decided to use two of the shot cottons for the Bargello 9-Patch row to see if it could calm things down a bit. The tamale sacks used for this row are green print (spinach).

This block was made using strip sets.  Since I used the same fabric for all the blocks in this row, I constructed it by starting with longer strips. This was another case of making a half-block to fill the row.

Thought for the week

Working on a quilt that uses blocks patterns or fabrics you’ve used before can remind you of related quilts … like the lovely stack of Bargello 9-Patch blocks I won this year. I pulled them out of my bin of WIPS and UFOS and brought them into the studio so I can work on my quilt ideas … when other deadlines are met.


  1. Sophie, I’m loving how your sampler is turning out! The tamale sack fabrics really make a huge difference and takes your blocks to a whole new level of interest!

  2. That is turning out so cool!!!! Now I really want to try one myself!!!!!

  3. Love it. It has so much life, if that make any since to any one but me.

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