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Sophie provides such a dazzling assortment of blocks for us every year.  I have saved many of the patterns because I keep thinking I will make a quilts’-worth of them for myself.  My question to all of you is:  have you used BL patterns again, for an entire quilt?  (Other than the times you’ve won, or for the Mod Mod Sampler last year.)  If so, which ones?


  1. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Nann. I know some quilts have been made from the block patterns and are shared with us here and added to the show & tell gallery. I would love to hear about other projects, too.

  2. Hi Nann, yes I have, I have made the Bars from Mod Mod quilt along,block in greens and whites -twin, I have made the strips assorted colours with light cream many times into lap quilts with the oak leaf blocks or bird blocks as accents, I have the sweet dreams ones under construction again assorted colurs. Oh yes and the sunrise blocks have gone into Lap quilts if they count. I do these for a Pprayer Quilt Ministry. I have also done a single/throw of the Chained stars quilt and the Chevrons block.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention the Spokes block, I used it for my grand nephews birth gift I did alternate it with kid theme prints…I think something plain would have been better for the alternate block it was very busy and the spokes got a bit lost.

  4. Alas, I haven’t done much sewing in two years so I have no bragging rights for completed quilts ;(. With that said, I have collected Sophie’s patterns through the years. I especially loved the patterns that were formatted like a booklet. I have a special binder just for them. Thank you Sophie for all your hard work, creativity and passion to the advancement (and art) of quilt making! We all appreciate you!

    • Coincidentally, recently I was wondering why/when I stopped making the folded “cover” for the block patterns … and could be returning to that format next year if I have software to create it.

  5. I made a bunch of “Tall Flies” to use as a baby quilt but need to get them set yet. Used the idea of “critter/thing prints”in house block windows. Asterisks, the Blue Sailboats, the Wonky checkerboards and the Solids Spit Stars are patterns I enjoyed so much I wanted to make whole tops from though haven’t gotten around to it yet. Just can’t sew fast enough!

  6. The bright log cabins was a favorite of mine and I made a small wall hanging with fabulous brights. I also made a wall hanging from the heart in a snowball block. There was a pieced Scottie quite a while ago (or so it seems) that I have used numerous times for single blocks to contribute to other people’s quilts.

    I’ve learned a lot participating in the block lotto over the years!

  7. Oh, and one more! I made a small strings heart quilt from low volume fabrics; it the pattern of the heart at the bottom right corner of this page.

  8. I have a half made quilt using the Spoke (Snowflake to me) block and another half made quilt using the bird block. Before I joined BL I had made use of the Thrifty block pattern for several quilts.

  9. I’ve done this loads of times. And made lots of block sets to use for Project Linus quilts based on Block Lotto patterns. Trying to think of ones where I have a picture of the finished product… I know Imade a baby quilt with red and white spokes blocks based on a lotto pattern and a wall hanging with the violets blocks in lots of different sizes. I’m sure there are many more!

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