Scrappy Strip Quilts

Posted by on December 6, 2015 in show and tell | 5 comments

I haven’t managed to make any blocks for this month yet but thought I would show you some of the scrappy strip quilts that I make.  I have one in progress at the moment.   I started making these after reading Wanda’s blog



  1. Maree, thank you for sharing your quilts and in-progress work with strips. I hope everyone can see some possibilities for our strips in your quilts. Especially this month, these blocks are ripe to be considered as “made fabric” and cut up into squares or narrower strips to be used in designs like yours.

    FYI, I edited your post to add a featured image … so it would expand in the slider on the Home page. If you would have chosen a different image as the featured one, you can edit your post and choose another.

    • Thanks Sophie. I am addicted to using scraps to make quilts. Funnily enough my scrap pile never seems to diminish so think I will be making a lot more yet.

  2. Oh, Maree, I really like the second one. They are all lovely, and very colorful, but there’s something different about that one!

  3. Maree, what wonderful quilts! Thank you so much for posting the photos — great strippy inspiration!

  4. Wow! Exuberant is the word! I agree with Susan that the 2nd one has something – the alternate sizes of strips and the blue framing are cool, and the spiked edges add a Pop! The red border on the 3rd one snaps out. The “weaving” look is one I just haven’t gotten to. Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing! Maybe this inspiration will put a dent in my scrappy strip bin!

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