Beach Cabanas

Posted by on January 28, 2016 in show and tell | 9 comments

There are three blocks used in this quilt from the 2015 Block Lotto monthly challenges.  I made extra every month thinking I would put them into one big quilt but have decided, instead, to use them in other ways.  Elizabeth Clark and I spent the afternoon yesterday playing with blocks.  Here is my first un-quilted result; it’s arrows pointing the way to the Beach Cabanas.   The inspiration comes from this photograph of cabanas in, I think, South Africa. I know we have a member from there so, correct me if I’m wrong about the location of these cabanas. I also recall seeing similar ones on the North Sea.  It’s a bright and fun little 36 inch x  41 inch project, that helps me keep in mind that the snow will melt and beach weather will return.

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  1. What a fantastic design….I love the colors

  2. Amazing how you took three unrelated blocks and turned them into such a cute little quilt

  3. Oh, how cute. I love that you also showed your inspiration. Ditto what Laurina and Peggy said.

  4. I like your quilt. Yep, they do look like the ones at either Muizenberg or St James, two coastal suburbs of Cape Town. About 20, 25 minutes drive (except at the height of summer, then it takes an hour or more!) The sea water here is generally a little cold but refreshing! Karen N in Cape Town, South Africa.

    • Thanks Karen, I thought that’s where they were located…glad you confirmed it for me.

  5. I didn’t even recognize the wonky strips till I started reading! This is fabulous, I love the way you put all three blocks together!

  6. Nice! I love what you did with them!!

  7. Very fun, I like it!

  8. This is so creatively done! I appreciate seeing both the quilt sand the inspiration

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