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Marianne pointed out some errors in the pattern and I was reminded how this time around, it felt like I was beating my head against MicroSoft as I put it together.  In any event, the list of errors are:

  1. The numbering was screwed up.  It turns out that when I fixed it on one page, it automatically changed the numbering on another page.
  2. Part of the text at the bottom of the first page was cut off (about where to find 9/16 on your ruler).
  3. The measurement of the middle square should be 3 1/16.  I made my blocks using the 3-inch measurements and my blocks came out correctly sized, but if yours are coming up a little small, this is probably why.

I have updated the pattern file on PayHip with the corrected pattern.


  1. I have made 6 and some are a fraction small but are within the 1/4″ leeway that you allow. I will post a photo later.

    • I am so sorry for my mistake. I didn’t like the way EQ wanted those triangles to be cut (as quarter square triangles which would have made more bias edges to contend with) and I used a ruler and eyeballed how to cut them as HST-like triangles.

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