MacDonald Quilt along

Posted by on February 28, 2016 in block lotto community, my sampler | 1 comment

Charlene-OMMS-SnailsTrailsOkay, they still need squaring up but here is what I learned this month. Neat Knick Sisters should stay out of my sewing area or, at least not pile everything helter skelter into cardboard boxes and stuff it in said Sisters closet…tightly. So, I am grateful to Sophie, for issuing me a Fabric test chart I am having to test all my fabrics to be sure I have real cotton…no poly in my Block Lotto endeavors. However, I decided to use up some of the blends in my Sampler…I wish I hadn’t…these blocks are well, springy…they don’t iron well, they are slippery little beggars and move a bit while I am stitching and even a bit puckered…I just might feel like ditching these and making more out of cotton for my Sampler.



1 Comment

  1. I suspect that they will be easier to handle once they are sewn into the quilt … but whether you decide to use them or not is up to you. One thing you will see over time in quilts with poly-cottons mixed with 100% cottons is that the 100% cotton will fade, the poly-cotton will not. For what its worth, I think they look very pretty and vintage-y

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