The Leap Day Winners are …

Posted by on February 29, 2016 in housekeeping | 4 comments

A funny thing happened when I went to the site to use it to pick our winners … the site was (temporarily?) unavailable. Fortunately, it was only a small hiccup because I still had the random app on my phone, installed when my computer died last year.


We ended the month with 166 blocks, 25 of which were donated with no chance in the drawing.  Our 3 winners are:


Winner1-41 Winner2-35 Winner3-60
Julianne – 56 blocks Jude – 56 blocks Kathleen – 54 blocks


Congratulations to our three winners … expect email from me later today confirming your mailing address and asking how many of your own blocks you’d like to keep.


SnailsRaceCartoonI’m not sure why the idea of snails racing came into my head this morning–even more surprising was the plethora of cartoons I found on the subject.

If these three winning snails represent our three winners, I am pretty sure the one on the skateboard would be Jude.



  1. Congratulations Ladies! I can’t wait to see what you create! Be Hares!

    • For real?!?! Happy Dance Happy Dance!!!! Congratulations Kathleen & Julianne!

      • Woot Woot! Yay! Thank you ladies!

  2. Excited to play with these blocks! Congratulations to Jude and Julianne, and thank you , everyone!

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