Throwback Thursday – March 2002 Lotto Blocks

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In March, 2002, we also made Snail’s Trail/Monkey Wrench blocks. These are most of the 34 blocks that were made in the third month of the first year of the Block Lotto.




I think I am the only one still around from the list of makers: Dorothy, Elaine, Ivy, Jana, Jeri, Jessica, Kit, Marcia, Mary Pat, Sherri, Vicky and me.


These are completely scrappy 12-inch blocks, made using Marcia Hohn’s Monkey Wrench pattern on The Quilter’s Cache. As it turned out Marcia herself won the blocks and I was lucky enough to be able to see the quilt top alive and in person later that year when we both attended the Vermont Quilt Festival. I am sure I took a photo of us looking at it in the parking lot … but I can’t find it.


Marcia received a challenging set of blocks and was one of the people who pushed me to create color rules for the Block Lotto so that the blocks the winners received would play nicely together … though you know I cannot resist a completely scrappy month or two, even now, 14 years later.


You can see all 34 blocks that were made way back when in my Flickr album Monkey Wench.There are some examples of some scrappy blocks made from many fabrics and you can see for yourself what works and (maybe) what doesn’t work so well.


  1. Thanks for the history!

  2. What a great memory. Thank you for sharing the history and the photo. Like this block design still have yet to make mine but I have always been drawn to this block..

    • Maybe this month’s lotto block is a good excuse to try making the block?

  3. I really loved the trip down memory lane Sophie!

  4. I love them all, and 12-inch, even better! Fun to see what you did in the early days of BL.

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