A little butterfly quilt idea …

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I fell asleep thinking about combining the Butterfly block with one from Block Lotto’s past (April 2009) and woke up (too early) still thinking about it.  I gave up on falling back to sleep, first made coffee and then quickly drew this in EQ.




18 Butterfly blocks + 17 traditional Thrifty blocks + 4 inch borders = 38 by 50 inch baby quilt.

You can find directions for making the thrifty block on Sophie Junction in this post:

Thrifty Block Pattern 

On my list of “someday” is the task of making printable versions of some of my favorite past Block Lotto patterns … like this one.

As soon as I uploaded the photo above … I thought maybe it would look better with sashing and cornerstones.  What do you think?




With 1 inch (finished size) sashing added, the size of this little quilt becomes 44 by 58 inches.  You could make the sashing 2 inches wide–with solid or Black and white 4-patch cornerstones … but I really have to stop playing now and get on with my day 😉

Both designs were constructed with only two orange fabrics, two blue fabrics and one each black and white … naturally, I believe that scrappier would be more interesting.


  1. The last one forms a secondary design. I like both of these but probably the second one the best. Great ideas….

  2. Nice! I definitely like the second one best, the butterflies are more distinct.

  3. I like the design with the sashing better. I feel it shows the butterflies better and also gives the eyes a place to rest.

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