The Computer Ate My Block Pattern …

Posted by on April 30, 2016 in housekeeping | 1 comment

It has not been a good day at Sophie Junction today.  The weather is lousy, though I did manage to take some “blocks in the wild” photos during the brief moments of sunshine we had this afternoon.   I also made some more May lotto blocks and took a bunch of good in-progress photos for the block pattern today.

And then this happened.  I uploaded the photos from my camera (deleting them from the camera) to my computer … but before I could upload them to the cloud–in this case Flickr–my iMac froze, requiring me to forcefully reboot it.  And when I did so, the photos were gone.

Tomorrow, I will share the sneak peek directions for the May block … until more blocks are made and more in-progress photos can be taken.

1 Comment

  1. Oh, Sophie, you have been having a terrible time lately! I hope you are soon back on track with more photos. I am so sorry. I think I would have felt like breaking something or screaming with my head in a pillow.

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