baby quilt almost done

Posted by on January 25, 2017 in show and tell | 5 comments

These are the blocks I won last summer. It was my first attempt at spiral circle quilting on the machine. It went well and will do it again one day. The binding isn’t on yet, but I couldn’t wait to show it. We had a lot of snow last night, I’ll go shovel a little, then start sewing on this snow day at home!


  1. Love this quilt. How did you do the spiral quilting? That center is so hard to get started! Looks wonderful.

  2. The spiral quilting is a perfect match for your quilt design. Love it!

  3. Wonderful combo of block and quilting.

  4. I used press and seal on the very center. I laid it on my cutting board, drew a straight line then continued with a circle about the size of a quarter. I had the circle gradually get bigger until it was about a half inch away from previous line. I pressed that on the top where I wanted to start. I eyeballed it the rest of the way. The beginning is slow and bulky going round and round on the tiny spiral. Besides watching the previous sewn line I had to relax my neck and shoulders. They were getting sore. I used the needle down button so it wasn’t moving around as I readjusted the quilt to continue. As careful as I was when doing the sandwich, I still had minor readjustment as I sewed. The top got bubble-ly but smoothing as I went worked. When I ran out of bobbin thread I readjusted the pins again. The press and seal peeled right off. It took three bobbins to do the quilt, 42×48.

  5. That looks fabulous! It’s exciting to see blocks come together.

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