Colorful Cactus Pots in April

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This month, we’re making colorful, scrappy, traditional Cactus Pot blocks with yellow/gold backgrounds.


I hope to be able to replace this drawing with a photo of a real block, soon.

You can find the directions for the block here:

Cactus Pot – Block Pattern – CORRECTED

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fabrics used in the sample block in the pattern do NOT follow this month’s fabric guidelines.  These in-progress photos are from 2011, when we made this block in a different size and with different fabric rules. 


Fabric Guidelines:

This block is made from three fabrics:

Background – Yellow or gold fabric that may be a solid, a tone-on-tone print, or a multicolor print that is predominately yellow or gold

Cactus – Your choice of fabric in one or more bright color(s).

Pot– Also your choice. The Pot fabric should either be the LIGHTEST or DARKEST fabric in your block. You can see a combination of Light and Dark “pots” in my drawing of the 5-block quilt.

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks  for chances in the drawing at the end of the month. The target set size for the winners will be 48 blocks.

If you make multiple blocks for the Block Lotto, you can use the same fabrics in multiple blocks, as long as each combination of three fabrics is unique.


Tags and Categories

Add the tag cactus to all your blog posts about this block.

The category should be blocks when you are posting photos of your blocks to enter them in the drawing; use the category sent and received when you are posting about mailing or receiving blocks; and the category show and tell to share projects you make from this block (whether they are lotto blocks or blocks you make for yourself.)


  1. Sophie – I think one change was missed in going from the 6 inch to 8 inch size. The background rectangles should be 2-1/2 by 4-1/2. Also in Step 6, the background rectangles are sewn to the POT triangles. Better cauther earlier than later.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Thank you Kathie for catching that. I’m updating the directions now …

  2. So, if I made a large HST, from purple and green in your example, for instance, I could turn it as the blocks shows, or I could flip it for a green pot and purple cactus?

    • It depends on the value of the yellow/gold background. The pot fabric has to be the LIGHTEST or the DARKEST fabric in the block and the cactus has to be a BRIGHT fabric. You might find a combination of fabrics that would work. Or you could use the same Pot + Cactus with a different background in a second block.


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