Almost, Very Nearly, Practically Perfect

Posted by on May 20, 2017 in blocks | Comments Off on Almost, Very Nearly, Practically Perfect

Approaching this block with many misgivings, I set out to conquer it. After the first one came out a bit too small (1/16 is allowable), I increased the large square to 9″, drew horizontal and vertical lines on the back of the 9″ square with a permanent marker, marked the centers of the inserts in the seam allowances on the right side, and though all of them are acceptable, the 6th one was very nearly perfect.

The complementary color scheme is stunning. I had fun figuring out how to make the patterns go in the same direction on the background inserts. Bottom left was my first try that didn’t work. I thought cutting those four pieces on a 45° angle would do, but 2 of the pieces have to be rotated to the opposite 45°.  At the top left, I managed success with this.

Here are 6 from me; for donation since I am still working on my Dutchman’s Puzzle win.






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