Chicken Quilt Finished!

Posted by on May 29, 2017 in show and tell | 19 comments

I finished the paper pieced chicken quilt that I won earlier this year.  I used every chicken too, on front and on the back.  I hope you remember which ones you made.  Elizabeth Clark suggested I pair them with the churn dash which sounded pretty “farmish” so I make all the churn dashes with a color wheel in hand, constantly referencing the colors to be sure they were compatible. The piano key border is made up of all the leftover two color strips from the sides of the churn dashes.  I sewed them randomly into 4 very wide strips and then subcut them 2.5 inches like the side of the churn dash-I had only three left over. I call this quilt “Chicken About Color” because I LOVE color but am always skittish about using a lot of it.  With the help of the color wheel for making the churn dashes, I think this quilt turned out a winner.  Thank you all for your gorgeous chickens, I would never have been able to make them all myself.


  1. Barbara, it’s wonderful! The churn dashes are a perfect complement to the chickens.

    • Thanks Nann. It was fun to put together and I love the riot of color.

  2. I love what you did! Its fabulous! I never remember who I have sent to, so I don’t know if mine are in there. Congrats on a wonderful finish!!

    • Thanks Julie, if you made one, it’s in there! I used every last one.

    • I believe I was the only winner because not many made that block.

      • Then they are in there! I can’t get the picture to enlarge for a search. Oh well, not that big a deal I guess.

        • If you look in the library is it bigger there? Otherwise I can email you the pictures.

        • Yes go to the Library and click on the image, it’s bigger there…don’t forget the back too as I had to put a few back there.

          • Where is the library? I went to gallery but didn’t see it there. Email works too.

          • You have to be logged in. Go to site Admin, where you would normally post photos of your blocks. On the left is a tab called “Media” click on that and then you will see “Library” click on that and it will bring you to all the photos that have been uploaded to Block Lotto.

  3. It’s wonderful! The piano keys were the perfect border choice.

    • Thanks Susan. That was a brain storm at the end because at first I wasn’t going to add a border but then I saw those piles of already sewn together strips and voila, the light bulb went on!

  4. Very Cute. Congrats.

  5. Thanks!Found them! What a fun quilt! Now it’s time to work on this months block. I am so far behind.

  6. Great finish!

  7. What a happy quilt!

  8. I guess it is the “farm” element that makes us pair churn dashes with Chicken blocks … I have one–in progress–that shares those elements and your quilt makes me want to pick up that project again …

  9. They do go together don’t they? It was such a fun project and I learned a TON about the color wheel in the process.

  10. This turned out GORGEOUS!!! Love the fact that you paired it with churn dashes. You can never go wrong with churn dashes in my book. The piano key border ties in beautifully. Great finish.

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