A Break and a Plan

Posted by on June 6, 2017 in housekeeping | 5 comments

In the past week (or so), I’ve seen posts/comments/email messages of three types:

  1. Looking for the June Block information
  2. Suggesting I take an open-ended break until I feel better
  3. Offering to help

Here’s what I propose:

  • Take a break for the month of June to get organized and see if anyone will volunteer …
  • Recruit quilters from our community to be the “Lotto Leader of the Month.”

If you are willing to be a “Lotto Leader of the Month” (LLotM) here’s what you’d need to do:

  • Choose a block (from the list of blocks already designed for this year)
  • Decide on the Fabric guidelines (your choice!)
  • Make a sample block or blocks–I’ll send you all the cutting directions to get you started
  • Take in-progress photos and create the step-by-step directions
  • Post the directions (your choice of format) and guidelines on the first of the month
  • Update the at-a-glance page as quilters post their blocks
  • Answer any questions that come up during your “month.”
  • Review/approve comments (only those posted by people who don’t log in first)
  • Use the Random number selector website to choose a winner (or winners)
  • Post the winner … and you’re done.

Here’s how I’ll help:

  • Send you drawings of a few blocks to choose from for your month
  • Update your privileges on the site so you can do everything you need to do during your month
  • Supply measurements and cutting directions
  • I will sort out the mailing directions and send them at the end of the month–the only really tricky part of what I do.

Let me know what you think and if you are willing to be a LLotM.


  1. With a little bit of nervousness I am happy to volunteer. Karen N.

  2. I’m happy to help!
    I love this place and want to see it continue.
    Summer is easier for me to help since I’m off (Im’ a teacher)

  3. Although I haven’t been playing lately, I’d be happy to take a month.

  4. I’ll be happy to volunteer as a LLotM too!

  5. Sounds like a fun project. I haven’t been sewing blocks for Block Lotto for a long while, but do follow along and enjoy the posts. I’m happy to volunteer!

    It’s good you are taking the month off though in any case. Best wishes and smiles! June

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