Barn Quilt

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Julie Post is that your barn quilt in the recent (September) AQ Magazine?  If so, I LOVE IT and wondered if the group of barn quilts will be traveling, to maybe the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI? I would so love to see these quilts in person.  The piecing is extraordinary, the barns whimsical and the quilting wonderfully appropriate.


  1. Yes, that is me! All the quilts are back to their homes. I saw the group in Des Moines last year. I had to stare and study each one…the details are so much better in person. They are a fun group. I WISH they were in Michigan for you to see!

  2. I saw Julie’s article, too, but I read it just before I turned out the light for the night. Cathy Labath is also a Lotto regular and she participated in the barn project, too. (And I know another barn-builder, Nancy (whose blog is Blogging, Near Philadelphia.)

  3. I saw Cathy’s name and thought it sounded familiar but wasn’t sure. I recognized Julie’s because of our shared last names. Jul;e I love your moon and stars and the animal fabric in the windows and Cathy’s door fabric is perfect. I wish I could see them all it’s always so interesting to see one subject interpreted by many different artists. I know I am missing details because the photos are so small. Do you know if they are all grouped together somewhere online, like on a blog?

  4. Here is the blog of the entire project.

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