What If?

Posted by on January 16, 2018 in block lotto community | 5 comments

What if you put a 6 inch quilt block in place of the colored square?  For this example, I used a 6 inch sawtooth star.

I thought this could make for an interesting setting and a way to make a bigger quilt from smaller blocks … what do you think?

I planned to make my own blocks this weekend, but instead, after I got home on Friday, I found myself coming down with the flu … and barely got out of bed for the past three days.  (I am only up now because I need to go to the drug store for more stuff that I hope will help me get better faster.)


  1. What a clever idea Sophie! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I’m doing them this week. I love this idea, Sophie! Looks like your brain was working even on the flu. I hope you are soon better and able to sew.

  3. I like the idea of interspersing some stars with the squares. Very interesting. I hope you’ve recovered from the flu. It sounds like we’re in for a bad flu season this year. Take care, Sophie.

  4. So sorry you caught this terrible flu. People all over the place here are sick. They’re calling it near epidemic numbers. Praying for recovery, Sophie

  5. Sorry about your flu situation. Hope you will recover quickly.
    Yes, stars would be very pretty. I thought of making an i-spy quilt that way. The possibilities are endless.
    Take care. Wished I could bring you some chicken soup!!!

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