Blocks Off to California

Posted by on May 8, 2018 in sent and received | 5 comments

I mailed my blocks today. There were only two, so I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in a long envelope. I put postal tape in both directions. The post office, first time ever, said it had to go as a package, and charged me $3.50! I was amazed! I guess I’ll use a brown envelope next time! They better get there for that much. LOL


  1. Would you believe that my two blocks to South Africa only cost $3.15 in oistage?!

  2. postage

  3. Postage for my two in plastic wrap and long envelope was $1.15 which isn’t much more than I’ve spent mailing to anywhere in the U.S.. I mailed 5 quilts from Iowa to Maine the same day and that postage was $27.60. Week before that I mailed one quilt to Utah for $10.65.

    • Yes, that’s about what I expected, or maybe $1.50. I was shocked! I think it depends on who is behind the counter on the day you go.

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