Sophie: Catching Up with all of you.

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A hideous allergy season in Santa Fe on top of some demanding work and health challenges has left me out of the loop.  I woke up early–way too early–this morning, so I’m playing a little catch-up with all of you.

First, welcome BETH who not only is joining the Block Lotto this month, but is leading our session! You are a brave woman to make the leap from lurker to leader and volunteer in one fell swoop.  For those that are having problems finding the May post, I edited the date so that it now appears to have been published on May 1 and also added the link on the At-a-Glance page.

Congratulations to the April WINNERS, Kristen and Karen. I am a little behind on the end-of-the-month tasks, but will be sending follow-up email to both today and the mailing info to everyone soon after.  Stay tuned.

And … because I think we all appreciate a little eye-candy, as I mentioned to Beth in email, I can’t believe this month’s block never occurred to me, since I made (and love) this quilt. It might give you a setting idea …

The Variation Rail blocks in this quilt are a little larger at 7 1/2 inch square–I started with 3-inch squares because I had some 3 inch strips cut from assorted plaid flannels. It made for a cuddly quilt that was especially appreciated when I was without heat for 5 days during the coldest part of what was mostly a non-winter here.

The exterior shots were taken in the house where I was living when it was made: it’s best feature was a 1000 square foot studio.

I remember how much fun it was to quilt.  I put long, continuous feathers in the white bars and melon shapes in the plaid squares.




  1. Glad to hear from you Sophie. May the summer be better for you allergies and health. I collected 30 quilts from guild members last night that will go to kids at a bereavement camp this summer. One of the quilts was this pattern. I can see that it is great for scraps. Even if I don’t win this month, I plan to make one of these.

  2. It’s good to catch up with you! I hope the summer brings you a lot of happiness and sewing time. I really like your version of the quilt, especially against that wall from your old place.

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