More Summer Reading corrections

Posted by on June 9, 2018 in housekeeping | 3 comments

The book spine will work better if you cut it 7-1/4″ — that is, the same length as the book.

And, yes, the block is 10″ UNFINISHED.  It’s an off-beat measurement but, as I noted, if you make the blocks for yourself you can trim them.


  1. I will need to double-check my block parts and my seam allowances to see why my blocks trued to 10 1/2″ — maybe I also included the drawing line from the templates printout when I made my plastic templates. I checked to see that the blocks I made could be trimmed down without issue and looks good.

    Thanks for the clarification ..


  2. HI, It’s been awhile since I entered a block. Can you please tell me how to post a block for this month?

    • From your Block Lotto dashboard click on the +New at the top. You’ll create a new post. There’s a button that says “add media.” Click on that and you’ll be able to upload a photo.

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