Postal Office and fees

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Karen and anyone living overseas! Don’t feel you have to donate your blocks because of postage; you should hold your head up and participate fully. All of us can take turns mailing out of the country. Each time I mail an envelope or package I marvel that someone is willing to take it from my home town and hand deliver it to my recipient. wherever they live in the world, in just a matter of days/weeks and charge such a tiny bit for the service. When I drop a letter in the mailbox, I am always grateful that I don’t have to buy a plane ticket and deliver it myself every time I want to mail something!  If you think about it, we should all salute the Post Office folks around the world for all they do so cheerfully and promptly.  I love getting mail and wish it wasn’t such a rare occasion now days.


  1. I love how you put this and thank you for saying it.

    As all of us in the US know, US Postal processes can vary widely (even within the same city). It’s frustrating.

  2. Thanks Barbara!

  3. I certainly don’t mind the postage for overseas. After all, you mail to use.

  4. I don’t mind mailing out of the U.S. either. It’s thrilling to me to get blocks that someone in another country made and I proudly boast that the Block Lotto has participants from other countries.

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