Remember Susannah?

Posted by on June 23, 2018 in block lotto community | 6 comments

Oh Susannah! was our March Block Lotto assignment and I won 47 beautiful blocks. Fourteen more were needed for the size I wanted for an on point set. When only making a few blocks for a monthly drawing, each one is a little production of its own but a whole quilt is another thing entirely. While making those 14 extra blocks, I learned that these blocks sew up super quickly in a production situation. There are only 5 sewing steps and the first 3 can be chained! Next time you need to get a quilt together quickly, consider Susannah, you won’t be sorry.


(Dreadfully rainy here and quilt holders are scarce. Fingers and toes shown here belong to my painter.)


  1. That’s gorgeous! I really like your setting. I made one for someone – a group of us each made four blocks when she was moving away – and you’re right that it is so easy to do. Thanks for sharing this encouraging picture.

  2. Oh wow! I love it!! You did a great job, Robin. I’m going to put Susannah on my list of blocks to make for myself .

  3. Terrific setting choice. I love green and love this quilt.

  4. Its going to be a great quilt. Will this quilt be gifted or is it a keeper?

  5. It’s gorgeous. I’m a big fan of GREEN. Glad your last needed blocks went quickly. Congrats on the flimsy!

  6. That turned out so well. Great job.

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