December Scrappy Star Collection

Posted by on January 27, 2019 in sent and received | 5 comments

All the December Scrappy Stars are Home! Margaret’s blocks all the way from Australia arrived earlier this week.

The scrappy stars that I won in the December Block Lotto are all home.  What fun it is to open happy mail and find these gorgeous blocks.  I love all the different scrappy fabrics in blues and purples.  Who knew there were so many beautiful purples? Don’t they look great together?

I was planning on using these in the sampler. Now I am unsure. Seeing them all together like this, I think they make a gorgeous baby quilt. Hmm. I’ll need to let my brain rest on this a little more and continue to look at the picture on my blog.


  1. yes, they do look great! I have laid mine out in our spare bedroom and I’m thinking of a wonky setting or on point! I just love the colors of this scrappy, happy stars block!

  2. They are beautiful! You lucky girl!

  3. I like your carpet/linoleum–reminds me of an Anne Orr quilt pattern. (Her style used lots of postage stamp pieces to make quilts that looked like cross-stitch designs.)……and I recognize my purple blocks! This will be a fun scrappy quilt.

  4. I am glad that all the blocks arrived at their destinations. They look marvellous all together. Enjoy!

  5. That’s going to become one beautiful quilt!

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