Christmas Coffee Cup Confusion Conquered

Posted by on September 8, 2019 in blocks | Comments Off on Christmas Coffee Cup Confusion Conquered

Plunging in confidently to make my first cup, I was very disappointed when the bottom handle was larger than the top one. Some figuring followed and I made measurement list that worked for me.

Here is my corrected first cup, by the time I finished redoing the handle it is a bit short on the right side. Far from perfect but within our 1/8″ guidelines and usable perhaps.

Then I made a second cup using my new measurements. The handle looks crooked but that is a function of my lousy photography.

I really enjoyed making these, problems notwithstanding, and there will be more posted soon. A surprise bonus: I made lots of progress on my current leader/ender project too. Below is my cutting chart if anyone else needs labels like I do.

Right click to copy, then paste into Word doc to print.
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