Attention All – I need your info!

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Nann and I have been running the Block Lotto for about 3 months, but we do not have access to the “back end” of the site, which contains personal addresses, emails, etc. So we’ve been relying on what information we’ve collected ourselves over the last year or so – and that is, understandably, very incomplete. With that in mind, I need the following information so that once Nann draws this month’s winners, I can compile and send out the block mailing information. If your name is on this list, please send the information to me (Cathy Kizerian) at: catkiz(at)Xmission(dot)com.

Barb Kissell – mailing address and email address

Sharon (Browne?) – email address. If the “Sharon” who just made 9 blocks is NOT Sharon Browne, please let me know your correct name, address and email.

Kristen Stonham – email address

Thank you! Cathy

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